Gluten Free and Vegan Chocolate Chip Scones

January 19, 2017

I was presented with a challenge of turning a quick bread recipe that I enjoyed into gluten free.  While making changes to the recipe I had and enjoyed, I thought, why not make these vegan as well?  The adjustments were easy and the required ingredients I already had on hand.  Anytime I can make or eat something that is all plant-based, I go for it!

I really liked chocolate chip scones that I made awhile back so those were one of the items that I decided to make GF.  

I used three different flours for my recommended GF flour all purpose mixture (my post on GF baking contains more info and advice.  Check it out!  You can buy a GF flour mixture already made at the store, but I had all of these different flours on hand so I mixed it myself.  Plus, it’s more fun that way 😉  I used the recommended mixture of about 50% rice flour, 25% starch flour and 25% protein flour (I used brown rice flour, tapioca (starch) flour and sorghum flour).  I added a bit more baking powder to assist with the rise of the scones and used brown sugar instead of the original plain sugar called for in the recipe.  Brown sugar adds flavor and moisture to GF items.  To make these scones vegan, I used almond milk instead of dairy milk, used Earth Balance butter (this is vegan and works SO well.  I highly recommend using their butter for vegan options) and then vegan chocolate chips (remember, chocolate DOES contain dairy for the most part, unless it is pure, dark chocolate).  I then added some pumpkin puree (although any veggie or fruit would work) to yet again, assist with moisture and binding of ingredients.  The results were delicious!  I think I ate just about all of these scones myself….oops…  Give these a try and offer to loved ones who have gluten intolerances!

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    1. I am so proud of you, my love, for being so confident, smart and creative in
      trying new things and discovering the wonderful world of healthy alternatives. You continue to amaze me with your imagination and determination, and the results of your creations are amazing! I wish I could sample each one! So proud you are my girl! Love you! mama

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